Saturday, 7 July 2012

School of War!!

The first class night at the School of War took place on 30th June 2012 and below you can see how we all got on.  Wee Kyle and Myself helped field some of the questions, but it is such an easy system to pick up hte questions were really few and far between.


On one side we had elves and humans, whilst on the other side there were Twilight Kin fighting alongside pure undead and Vampires.  Needless to say the Good guys came off best on the night.  We used a lot of Mantic's own miniature line and Games Workshop fantasy line.

The system does allow players who have collected Warhammer for years to immediately play Kings of War without having to buy a completely new line.

Personally, though Mantic's Undead are beautiful, Orcs are excellent, Twilight Kin good, Abyssal Dwarves good, Dwarves are growing on me, Elves I still have to be convinced off.  I do like Games Workshops High Elves, though the Lord of the Rings line could be quite good to use.

Wee Ivor

(Art work has been used by permission of Mantic Games, Copyright remains with Mantic Games)

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