Wednesday, 27 June 2012

School of War comes to Morrow Bunker

Wee Gamers are proud to announce

School....... Of........ War.

School of War is an opportunity for people to have a try out of Kings of War Fantasy tabletop wargame from Mantic Games.  Kings of War recently went through Kickstarter and achieved 7,099% of it target (yup those percentages are correct!) and the hardback version of the game is now coming out.  

After a lot of positive feedback from Q-Con, we are following up with a fun demo night for everyone to get to know the new rules a little better.

So what do people need to take part?
  1. Enough figures to make a 1,000 point army from any of the eight Mantic races. (We will have a few extra armies for those who do not.)  The minis do not have to be Mantic, so any other miniature lines can be used.
  2. Some knowledge of the rules (though not necessary, having a copy could help the learning process)  The 'lite' rules can be downloaded from Mantic.
  3. Army list for the chosen army (The available army lists can be found on the Mantic Website).
  4. Any dice and measuring tapes that can be found.
The initial run through will be a mass game, with set-up and run through beginning from 7pm on Saturday, June 30th.  A fun informal tournament will take place on Saturday evening 7th July from 7pm onwards where  it will be one on one battles.  Kings of War is designed to use chess clocks and while an actual chess clock is not overly expensive (around £20 to £30) if you have a smartphone or a tablet (iOS or Android) you can download a free chess clock app.  

This is a perfect opportunity to have a go at a new and upcoming system.

Let us know if you can make it either below in the comments or on Twitter, Facebook, or G+.  You can also email Ivor or Andy

(Art work has been used by permission of Mantic Games, Copyright remains with Mantic Games)

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