Thursday, 7 June 2012

Operation Morrow Bunker 1900 hours Saturday & Sunday 09/10 June

Operation Morrow Bunker continues
Wee Gamers continues to operate the Morrow Bunker to gather gamers of all sorts together so they can take refuge from their worldly woes.  

Operation Morrow Bunker GCHQ is in Whitehead Primary School, 3 Islandmagee Road, Whitehead, County Antrim BT38 9NE

Last weekend's gaming had a nautical feeling to it with Dreadfleet being played :)  There was also some 40K as well as the Koffee Klub dropping into Wee Gamers for some boardgame goodness.





This weekend we kick off at pm on Saturday night with some Gruntz.
Gruntz 15mm is a ruleset for SCI-FI skirmish wargamming. It was designed from the ground up to be specific to scales and ranges in 15mm and is focused on integrating a fun combined arms game where you can combine tanks, mecha, squads and specialist ground and air support units. Gruntz won the Tabletop Gaming News readers vote for best new rules in 2011 and there are some excellent reviews on the Wargames Vault.  The rules are out in PDF format for just $9 at Wargames Vault - Gruntz 
In addition to the 88 page core rules the download includes: A set of blank profile cards in PDF. These are template cards with each size of vehicle, tanks, mecha and air support pre-listed with damage points.
On the Sunday Night, the Koffee Klub meet again and some more tabletop gaming, and perhaps even some roleplaying :)  There is an itching for some Flames of War too.

If you are thinking of coming down let us know in the comments below

We will be open for gaming from 7pm til 11 or so.  We won't kick you at on the dot ;)  

Remember that there is a cost.  A whopping donation of a minimum of £2 per person.

All monies collected will go to the school.  Gamers doing good while they game!

Everyone welcome.

If you have any questions email

Keep Calm and Carry On Gaming!

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