Sunday, 10 June 2012

Kings of War kickstarting a whole new era

Mantic seem to be really pleased with the way their Kickstarter Campaign has been going.  They have sent round a newsletter letting everyone know what they are now looking to do regarding adding to the things those who pledge actually get.  They say,

Thank you for your support of the Kings of War Kickstarter. Either by pledging, or by telling others about this, you are really helping Mantic Games get to a wider audience and bringing fun, affordable epic Fantasy battles to all. We appreciaste the support you have shown us - and for those of you who have pledged there will be a ple of extras coming with your Kings of War book! As you can tell, that we have been amazed at the incredible response – less than half the time gone and we are already over 1000% funded! 

They continue,

We have now sat down and reviewed what we can do in the coming months, and how we can reward all our fantastic supporters in a sustainable way for their effort and commitment. We asked around, and it is clear that everyone wants: - more units, particularly in plastic and resin plastic - more rewards for those backing the Kickstarter campaign - something unique for Kickstarter pledgers - support for all the armies - not just the evil ones! So that is what we are going to do! We have just hit the $65,000 level, so now we will do a new unit every $10,000 until we get to $95,000. 
These will be: - $75,000 - Trolls - $85,000 - Mummies - $95,000 - Gargoyles/Harpies At $100,000 we will sculpt the Undead Skeleton with Dog – and give one free to everyone with a pledge over $100. At that level we will also do a limited edition run of the wound markers in blue acrylic plastic – and these will be unique to Kickstarter subscribers! But what's in it for me? 

One of the challenges the Kickstarter presented is that we cannot give away extra units at the $100 level, it just isn’t feasible – but we do want to reward our supporters. Jan Novak came up with a solution: - Any pledge of $100 or more will receive one of the new figures each time we pass the stretch goal - Any pledge of $175 or more will receive a complete unit of the new figures as we reach the goal, and a free limited edition Undead Standard Bearer. - Any pledges over $225 will receive one of every unit – including the Werewolves and one unit of the Ogres, one of any hero model that gets sculpted as a result of the Kickstarter and the free limited edition Undead Army Standard Bearer. Please note these are for values, not specific pledge levels. 

If your pledge is over the qualifying level you will get the rewards from that point. For example: If you order the $110 Veteran and add a $75 army set from the extras you will qualify over the $175 level (you’d be at $185) and get all the $175 rewards. The sets coming next will include (in no particular order): - Forest Shamblers for the Elves. - Abyssal Dwarfs in Restic - Dwarf Cavalry - Goblin Mincer - Goblin Fleabag cavalry - Palace Guard in Restic - Snow Vampire White and her 7 undead dwarfs! Please keep the suggestions coming, and we will extend the list as we see support for a choice! 
We understand that not everyone is in a position to pledge (but the $35 option for the rules, a free electronic copy, dice and a mini rulebook is a sweet deal!) - but if you could tell you friends, club memebers and forum buddies then that is the next best thing. With lots of people getting into the system with third edition, huge interest, lots of armies to select from and a company that doesn't have annual price rises there has never been a better time to try soemthing new!! So why not check out our updates page to find out the latest on our progress? 
Wee Ivor is very excited about this, as Kings of War is a Fantasy system he really likes.  How about you?

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