Monday, 25 June 2012

Kings of Kickstarter

Well the weekend came a went.  Wee Gamers were busy at Q-Con luring unsuspecting punters into playing participation games of Kings of War.

Funny, that leads on to the main reason for this post. Kings of War.

Mantic Games went on to the crowd funding site Kickstarter with a wee idea about raising enough to get Kings of War third edition printed up.  The Target was a fairly hefty $5,000.  While Kickstarter is a great way to source independent funding without having to get into all the red tape.  That is to say linking up with corporate funders and spending all your energy desperately trying to convince them that your idea will make money.  Mostly for them to turn round and say something approximating "Meh!".

Kickstarter allows small companies to put their stall in front of the public (you and me) and it gives them an opportunity to say "We have a great idea we think you will love, fund us and we will make it happen!".  If you like it then the beauty is you can donate as little as a dollar.  The downside is the company must set a minimum funding level and if it is not reached by the end of the time period then the company gets nothing, the money pledged being returned to the funders.

So with this Mantic fired up their project for Kings of War.  The question was would they make it? 

Well, Sunday was the close of the Mantic Kickstart project which saw them ask for $5,000 and, by Sunday 24th June 2012, the whole community responded with $3 shy of $350,000.

Yup, those zeros are meant to be there.  $354,997 was the final figure.

And what are people getting?  Well there is so much we would advise you to dander on over to the Mantic Kickstarter page

Well apart from the rewards that the different pledge levels would give any backers, Mantic have also pledged that,
Every backer will get their hard copy of the Kings of War Hardback Rulebook signed by Ronnie and Alessio if there's one included with the pledge. 
Pledges of $35 or more - All dice have been upgraded to Mantic Splat dice. Pledges of $50 or more - an electronic copy of the Bloodstone of Cerillion, the first novel by Jonathan Peace. 
Pledges of $100 or more - A Kickstarter exclusive Undead Skeletal Dog Handler - A free plastic Ogre Hero - A free Celestian Human Paladin - A free Celestian Men-at-Arms - A free Celestian Angel Paladin - A free Celestian Battle Sister - A free Elf Palace Guard - A free Dwarf Berserker Brock Rider - A free Gargoyle figure - A free Mummy figure - A free Troll figure - A free Orc Chariot/Fight Wagon - Your name immortalised in the Kings of War Hardback Rulebook - A free electronic version of the Kings of War Hardback Rulebook - An electronic version of the Kings and Legends Supplement - A signed Lithoprint of the Mantica Map - a free ticket to our Mantic Party in September/Gencon Kings of War event in August.
Pledges of $175 or more - All of the above except you will receive: 5 Celestian Mounted Knights, 3 Abyssal Golems, 5 Celestian Human Paladins, 3 Celestian Angels, 5 Celestian Battle Sisters, 5 Celestian Men-at-Arms, either 5 Elf Cavalry or 5 Twilight Kin Knights, 5 Immortal Guard, 5 Fleabag Riders, 5 Brock Riders, 3 Trolls, 5 Palace Guard, 5 Mummies and 5 Gargoyles instead of single figures. - A unit of miniatures from every stretch goal we break in the future. - A free limited edition Undead Standard Bearer 
Pledges of $225 or more - All of the above plus 3 Celestian Cat Cavalry, a Mincer and an additional unit of 3 Werewolves, a unit of 3 Ogres (either Hand Weapons or Shooters) and both the Elf Cavalry and Twilight Kin Knights! - one of each hero model created as a result of the Kickstarter - that's now at least five unique hero sculpts! 
Pledges of $500 or more - A Kickstarter Exclusive Resin Ogre Hero
Needless to say Wee Andy and Wee Ivor both dipped in and became backers of the project and they can not wait to get their grubby wee hands on the hardback third edition with all the wonderful gubbins.  So as soon as it lands expect a review or two.

However, in the meantime, if you want to have a wee go at the third edition of Kings of War you can download a very basic version  and have a go.  If you like it then you can buy the hardback online. We think its a bargain at only £25.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Wee Gamers were working solidly the weekend through demoing Kings of War, and everyone who played it, loved it.  In fact some came back to have a second go.  We think that was an endorsement.

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