Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Iron Sky gets some Revision for a Boardgame

Who are Revision Games

Juha Salmijärvi 

Lead designer, artist, graphic designer Juha is long-term gamer, having background in pen and paper RPGs, LARPs, console games, computer games and of course card and board games. 

Anna-Leena Kolunen 
Final boss, idea machine Anna-Leena has played board games since her childhood. Acting as a hobby led to LARPs and RPGs. At the moment Anna-Leena is a MMORPG heavy user. 

How did you come together and how did revision come into being?
Juha: As it is appropriate for gamers, we met in local RPG/LARP society. Being a couple in a LARP turned out to be an omen. I had dreamed of being involved in gaming business for several years. Original design focus was on RPGs, but three years ago we steered towards board games and card games. 

Anna-Leena: After the decision to proceed with board games we contacted a local business incubator. With their help we refined our business idea and Revision Games was founded. 

How did you land Iron sky the game as a project? 
Juha: After seeing the concept art and teasers about the movie, I got tons of ideas how this could be turned into a board game. I made a very quick photoshop pic about the ideas and sent it to the director Timo Vuorensola and producer Tero Kaukomaa. They were interested in the idea and we went to present a more detailed version in person. Our ideas matched theirs and Pekka Ollula, who is responsible of Iron Sky merchandise, came along. Lots of confidence and enthusiasm was also involved :) 

So what can you tell folks about the game? 
The game is middleweight strategy, with focus on team play, fast tempo and fun. It is easy to learn and has basically no down time at all. All the players on the same team play simultaneously. When the opposing team is active you respond to your opponent's attacks. The goal is to gather as many victory points for the team as possible. Normal game ends after eight rounds. 

How many players? 
2-6 players, best with even amount of players. It is also playable with odd number of players but in that case one of the players must play on two continents. 

How long will a game take?
The game is very fast: even with six players the game takes usually from 90min to 120min tops. Commanders on both factions are slightly asymmetrical: the players will get different gaming experience depending on his or her own Commander and the opponent's Commander. The game also has several optional rules which add more depth to the game. Most of these are directed towards experienced gamers. 


What’s the hardest part of game development the team has faced working on Iron Sky? 
Juha: Writing the rules was a lot bigger task than I originally thought. I tried to make sure it is understandable, easy to learn and does not have much loopholes. 

Anna-Leena: This has been quite a big project and ensuring that all the sprockets and gears are in right place takes its time. We organised bigger playtesting sessions than before and it was bit hard but really worth it. 

Did you get to see or hear any inside wonders from the Iron Sky film team?  
Juha: We got the script and access to the concept art library. They were both great sources of inspiration for the design process. 

How close with the IS film team did/have you got - did they have much/any influence on the game? 
Juha: We were in touch with the film team regularly. Surprisingly, our first ideas matched their ideas as well.  The game is another aspect to the world of the Iron Sky. Like the Iron Sky comic, it supports the movie without repeating the movie itself. 

Anna-Leena: The majority of the film team are gamers themselves. We have presented and tested the game with them to get approval to continue on our tracks. We've had lots of freedom in the game development. 

When are we going to see it for sale? how much will it cost? where can people get it from? 
The game should land in specialist game stores in early summer 2012. Our conquest starts with English and German speaking Europe, supported by a Scandinavian assault. World wide ordering is possible from the Iron Sky Store

What’s next for Revision Games after Iron Sky? 
Anna-Leena: Our next game will be "Wall of the Dead". It is a dexterity based game with zombies, as the name suggests. You try to pile up zombies high enough to reach your opponent's human, before your own is eaten. And... there is a little surprise in the Iron Sky the Board Game box. Yo dawg! ;)

If Revision Games had a Secret Base on the Moon.......what would you folks be doing there? 
Juha: The Secret Moon Base would be the best site to design a Doomsday Weap... Game. 

Anna-Leena: Our very own Moon Base would be a great place to gather inspiration for the upcoming sci-fi games.

Iron Sky the Board Game 
From a secret base built in the Antarctic, the first Reich spaceships were launched in late '45 to establish the military base Schwarze Sonne on the dark side of the Moon. This base was constructed in order to build a powerful invasion fleet and return to take over Earth once the time was right. In 2018 they come back with a vengeance! 

Get ready, for the Fourth Reich is about to land on your table! Attacking from the orbit, the armies of the Reich attempt to seize as many Territories as possible before the game ends, while the United World Confederacy, UWC, tries to fend off the surprise assailants. Players try to do their best for the team. Every player is responsible for a single continent, in which his or her armies operate. Helping a second Commander is, however, necessary at times. 

・ Middleweight strategy 
・ 2-6 players 
・ Age 12+ 
・ Game length 90-120min 
・ Simple game mechanics with focus on the player's decisions and team work 
・ Innovative game play eliminates downtime 
・ Includes Optional Rules to enhance the replay value and to satisfy experienced gamers
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