Sunday, 29 April 2012

Quick Film Review - As The Earth Turned

I had the absolute pleasure to attend a film world premiere in the wondrous setting of ...... er, Bangor?  yes Bangor (the one in Northern Ireland), because this was no ordinary film premiere.  No.  This was the world premiere of 'As the Earth Turned'.

As the Earth Turned is a unique little film written, directed, and shot in Northern Ireland (mostly in Bangor) on a budget of, er, nothing.  The writer, director, producer and cameo is Bill Taylor from Craic Addict Films.  He has put a lot of effort into the film as well as the actors and it does show.

Don Farrell is down on his luck and having a crisis.  His girlfriend is cheating on him, his prospects are bleak working in Hodgekiss food processing plant making processed chicken products, and to cap it all of a strange tattoo has appeared on his arm.  Could his life get any worse?

Well. Yes, actually.

The premise is that Don Farrell wakes up after a night on the town with a strange mark on his arm and an overwhelming urge to save the planet from a returning evil.  The mark leads him to two others with the same mark and through a series of (mis)adventures he finally finds his purpose in life.

Now down to the brass tacks.  I will not say too much, as there are a number of twists in the tale.  However, i will say this, it is well worth a watch. :)

Now, being absolutely honest, while the effects are good, they don't compare to other small company films' effects.  But don't forget, Bill had NO budget.  On that alone I found the film to be a miracle and he should be rightly proud of this little belter.  There were some really funny moments, plenty of action, and a good background.  The script could have been a bit tighter, but that really didn't matter too much in the end.  The film never really takes itself too seriously, and that, to me, is the real bonus.

The actors include the welll known local actor and of South African descent, Robert Render, who recently won  "Best Actor" award at the Florida Freakshow Horror Film Festival, October 2011 for "The Last Light".

The public showing of As the Earth Turned is in the Black Box, Belfast on Monday 30th April, 2012 from 7pm.  Tickets are £3.  I'll be there for another chunk of NI talent :)

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