Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Special WarpCon 40K Tournament - Part the First

Hi There! My name's Tony and I'm a 40K Gamer from Cork. Wee Ivor and the lads here at Wee Gamers approached me to do a write up of this years Warpcon in Cork for them.

Just to get a few things out of the way: I'm in no way a Power Gamer or a WAAC kind of person. I'm currently (until the AGM at least) the Secretary of WAC (The Wargamers Association of Cork). And I tend to ramble a bit... :D

These next few posts detail my experiences at what has been my 7th Warpcon to date. Read on for more.Warpcon is my local convention and has been going, now, for 22 years. I first attended while being completely green behind the ears about the game. It's got a place close to my heart.

So this year, I was going to attend the Friday night to gather a bit of the ambience and the vendor fare on offer. Unfortunately, due to a combination of Gamer Laziness and traffic, I was unable to get there on time. This lead to the first 'ding' against Warpcon I've ever encountered. I got there at 5 past 9 on the Friday evening, and the ticket booth had closed. I hadn't seen any mentions to closing times on the website, save that some RPG's were finished at 9. I assumed there'd be someone there to take my pre-paid ticket, draw a line through my name and hand me a pass.

It took me 5 minutes and eventually tapping someone to get the attention of a Con staff member to be told that it was too late. This was an issue and I questioned this, and said I'd be back at 9 AM the next morning to get my pass. Aside from that, I've gone in prepared like Batman this year. Lists were in on time, army in its cases in the car, printed lists, printed rules pack, lunch as well as liquid refreshment.

This year as well, I'm trying electronic lists as well, thanks to the kindle. On that I've PDFs of all the army books (don't worry I own them anyway), FAQ docs and reference sheets as well as the army list and rules pack. Hopefully event organisers will start offering the pack in PDF so I don't have to convert it myself.

Lunch wise, I was healthy with sandwiches and light snacks. I had healthy drinks too. All in all I was the Batman of preparedness. All I needed was 2 days of 40K Gaming Goodness! 

Anthony Sharpe is a gamer, IT Tech and Corkman. His ramblings can be occasionally be found at www.anthonysharpe.info.  He is a member of the Wargamers Association of Cork, whose members can be found on Wargaming Ireland, at www.w-ired.org.  Can also be found on @antonius_prime.

WAC can also be found (loudly) at many events (and bars) around the country with their sister club the Skibb Wargamers, who have a presence at www.skibbwargamers.blogspot.com

The Irish Games Associaction can be found at www.gaelcon.com

Warpcon is an Annual Gaming and Sci-Fi Convention, held in Cork's UCC for local charities and more information can be found at www.warpcon.com
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