Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The War Room is coming to Warmachine!

War Room, the first official utility app for WARMACHINE and HORDES, is coming to iOS and Android!

Matt Wilson, Chief Creative Officer for Privateer Press, said

"War Room represents the digital toolkit that we’ve wanted to make since apps first appeared in the mobile marketplace.  Thanks to our fantastic partners at TinkerHouse Games, that vision is now a reality.  Users of War Room can be absolutely assured of having the most up-to-date rules and model stats.  Official errata will be instantly updated in-app as soon as it’s available to the player community."

Lane Daughtry, President and Lead Developer for TinkerHouse Games, added

"As an avid WARMACHINE and HORDES player, I’m thrilled to be bringing something to my fellow gamers that will greatly improve their experience at the table."

War Room, which will be available on tablets and handhelds for both the iOS and Android platforms from Privateer Press this March, gives players access to a wealth of features intended to expedite the army creation process and facilitate faster in-game rulings. In addition, users will receive regular news and rules updates from Privateer Press straight to their mobile devices.

 Notable features include:
Army Creation Workshop: Players can select their faction and game size and then choose their warcasters and warlocks, warjacks or warbeasts, units, solos, and battle engines to create valid lists, all within the War Room application.

Full Card Display: Model stat cards are shown exactly as they are printed, so players can reference them easily and with the same confidence as printed cards.

In-Game Status Tracking: In-game damage and status tracking will give players immediate and easily accessible information on every fighting model in their command.

In-Game List Sharing: Lists will be sharable between every player using War Room in the same game so they can quickly access each other’s model status and abilities, allowing players to keep their focus on the tabletop action.

Turn Clock: This optional player-initiated feature allows players to keep individual turns fast but fairly apportioned. The base app is a free download and contains cards from all current WARMACHINE and HORDES starter products.

Full faction decks for both WARMACHINE and HORDES will be available as additional downloads for $6.99. Every deck will include all currently released stat cards for that faction as well as new model updates for the life of the current rules set.

There is also an FAQ giving you a run down on what to expect.

As a geek AND a nerd, i am excited!!

Wee Ivor

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