Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Super Blood Bowl action - The Skarboyz are back!

Well, with the Super Bowl in the US getting under way, I slipped down to Arkham Gaming Centre for a little Super Bowl action between myself and my friend Gary.  Super Blood Bowl action that is.

I had not played Blood Bowl for such a long time and I had forgotten what a genius little game it was.

Gary brought his Deepest Dark Elf team while I rolled up with my Skarag's Skarboyz, meanest Orcs this side of the World's Edge Mountains.  After faffing about for a few moments, as we let our heads slip round the rules again (the boxed set rules), play began.  My Boyz trotted out onto the pitch only to find one of the Blitzers had been Press Ganged the previous night.  So a man... er, Orc down already for the first half at least.  I could tell this was going to be an interesting game.  The Deepest Dark Elves took a quick and early lead (by turn two they had a touchdown).  My Boyz had a touchdown of their own, only it turned out to be a Dark Elf's head and not the ball - oh well, looks like meat was back on the menu tonight.

Gary used the elves with gusto and had scored two touchdowns early in the First Half, though my plucky Boyz had a great time fouling the dirty elves AND even managed to score a touchdown.

Second half was a real slog on both sides.  The Deepest Dark Elves levelling the Skarboyz a couple of times giving as good as they got from the Orcs.  But with a last minute dazzling play the Orcs confuddled the Elves in order to score another touchdown and maim one of the Dark Elf linesmen.  The score result was 2 each, but my Boyz made me proud with one dead Dark Elf and another maimed.

I have to say I loved every minute of it.  It is such a good boardgame it is a huge pity Games Workshop decied to dump it in the Specialist Games section.  However, one good thing out of that is the development of the rules, after continued tweaks, have become free to download.  Which I shall be doing as soon as possible.

I think an informal league shall be started in Arkham very soon, to flush out all those team manager wannabes.

Have you played Blood Bowl? What team do/did you play? When did you start playing?  Tell me your experiences of playing Blood Bowl.

Watch this space for more Blood Bowl adventures.  If you are from Northern Ireland, or Ireland, then you should also check out NIBBL.

Also if you are thinking of getting back into Blood Bowl be aware the teams (of normally 11 to 16 players) can be around £30 to £40.  Slightly cheaper if you already have either Warhammer Fantasy or 40k figures knocking about the place.  Or indeed Comixininos have a fantastic range of minis covering all the teams.  I may review some of the stuff at a later date.

Wee Ivor

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