Thursday, 2 February 2012

Stitchpunk is coming from Tor Gaming

What is a softback with black and white interior and colour cover?

The never Print on Demand Relics rule book from Tor Gaming.

There is a free pdf of the rules already, but Tor Gaming have also set up a paid for pdf through Wargame Vault.  They explain on their site,
As you may already have seen, we have now made Relics available through Wargame Vault as a paid for PDF. Well, we are also working to have a Print on Demand (PoD) that if accepted (meaning we have formatted the files right….) will be available for purchase from Wargame vault from our publisher page for $22.50 We will have a special bundle deal on too so you can purchase both the PDF and PoD versionsat the same time for a $5 saving. But, if oyu buy the PDF version now, you miss out on that offer!! So, we thought we would do a super mega early bird deal!! If you purchase the PDF before the PoD is available, you will receive a $10 credit on the cost of a PoD copy (Normally $22.50) Once the PoD version is available, that offer ends and falls back to the ‘buy both Pod and PDF together for a $5 discount.’ This means that if you buy the PDF now, you effectively get it for free as we credit you the full cost when buying a PoD version! 
They also expect the softback to cost around £15.

I have had a few goes at the earlier version of Relics and it took a little getting used to. But in the end I really liked it.  I might have another run through and do up a review (if i get time and can be arsed)

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