Thursday, 9 February 2012

Something for the (gaming) weekend?

Northern Ireland is really getting in the (unplugged) gaming groove.

This weekend kicks off with Nerdtopia (Facebook) and their Infinity Friday.  At least i suspect there is - double check before you go - though you could drop by and have a cup of coffee anyway.  Talking of Infinity, check out  Infinity Ireland (Facebook Group | Facebook Page

Lisburn Gaming Club (Web | Facebook | Twitter) are also having their Friday night opening from 7.30pm

Saturday sees a large number of gaming clubs and shops open including Lisburn Gaming Club, Nerdtopia, Arkham Gaming Centre (Web | Facebook | Twitter), Creative Destruction (Web | Facebook | Twitter), Replay (Web | Facebook) and Games Workshop Belfast (Facebook | Twitter) to note a few.

Big stuff for the weekend, Creative Destruction is running Battle of Kingdoms (Facebook), a big event for Yu-Gi-Oh players, in Portadown.  They will be having refreshments provided by a trained Chef, so whilst a curry stew can't be guaranteed (depending upon environmental health), sandwiches that rival a sub sandwich is highly probable. The top 4 finalists from this Yu-Gi-Oh Battle of Kingdoms 2012 Qualifier on the 11th February will receive invitations to play in the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Battle of Kingdoms 2012 finals.

Obviously, there are others open at the weekend.  If there are let me know either in the comments or on the Facebook, Twitter or G+

Wee Ivor

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