Thursday, 16 February 2012

Project Pandora - In space no one can hear you Squeak!!

Mouse traps, you say? eh? 

Well, the wonderful 8th Race from Mantic has appeared in their furry ferociousness floating through the ether of the interweb! For more tidbits of the game check out their blog, Facebook and Twitter

So what do they look like then? Below you can see the full cover of the boardgame with rather miffed space rats going head to head with the Corporation.

Armoured space rats with sharp claws and teeth. I like the look and feel of the picture, though i am now thinking about making a Skaven Blood Bowl team and i don't know why ;)

Beasts of War have a load more pictures as well, including 

Overall, they are not the most original and people may be a bit disappointed with the mystique of the 8th Race up until now.  There seemed to be a feeling of, well, a bit more to it than ratmen (or Veer-myn).

I have to say though it is quite interesting that for Mantic's 'not 40k' Warpath game they have produced two races that are not directly transferable into the 40K universe.  That of, to all intents and purposes, space Dwarfs and Rats.  Especially when you look at the Kings of War range which all fit neatly into Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  The Kings of War rulebook has army lists that you can fit your Warhammer army very easily into as well.  A number of people in Northern Ireland have the boxed set for Warpath, and i have played a couple of games.  To be honest i am still unsure about it.  I love Kings of War, again i have only played a couple of games so far - but i 'got it' almost straight off.

Even so I am looking forward to the release of this board game and having a go.

In Space no one can hear you Squeak!

Wee Ivor

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