Saturday, 4 February 2012

Flames of War stepping up to version 3

Phil Yates has put up an interesting post on the Flames of War site regarding the imminent arrival of Flames of War 3.

It relates to what many players will be asking themselves, "What has changed?" To help answer this question Phil has written up a quick summary of the changes between the old and new versions.   He says that the document 
Is aimed squarely at existing gamers, so it doesn’t make any attempt to explain how the existing rules work. Rather it focuses on what has changed. 
The biggest changes are the tables, summaries, diagrams, and index, with Battlefront making the distinction between tables in the rules and summaries clearer. The summaries are now at the end of each major topic, as well as a overall summary at the end of each step. There are nearly three times as many diagrams, and each diagram is larger and clearer than before. The index is now five pages long, making it much easier to find rules.

Battlefront also have a PDF version of the Third Edition Quick Reference sheets to download for free as well.

The great thing about this new version is that in order to get the mini softback book for free all, you have to do is bring in your old second edition hardback into a stockist, any stockist, get it stamped and viola! You get your new third edition  mini book to start playing.

11 February sees the start of the of the 3rd Edition Mini Rulebook redemption.

Do you play Flames of War? What do you think about the changes in the third edition?

Wee Ivor

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