Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Corporation three pronged attack!!

Mantic is at it again with fairly hefty deals on bulk buying.

They are producing a "Mantic Elite" package deal that incorporates a monthly release for three months.

So this new package contains all of the figures and games over the next three months. And if you buy in it also means that you get the package before it goes on general release.

It also fits in with Mantics 'Corporation Week' which starts this Monday 13th February.  Keep an eye on their site to see what is happening. 

So what's in this three month Mantic Elite package?
  • Month 1- March Corporation Major-General Corporation Army Set - 20 Marines 10 Rangers 10 Veterans 3 Heavy Weapons 
  • Month 2 - April Project Pandora: Grim Cargo - tiles, dice and 20 figures. 
  • Month 3 - May 8th Race Hero 8th Race Army Set Mantic Elite guarantees you will get the sets first and with a saving of over £20 on the sets individually, makes it incredibly affordable to get all of the upcoming figures! 
The pre-order sign up deal ends 29th February with more details about Project Pandora and the 8th Race to be revealed on the Mantic blog. 

And the price for this quite impressive package? £124.99

Not Bad.

Not bad at all.

Wee Ivor

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