Thursday, 12 January 2012

Zombie Shores are full of Secrets

The year is 1949, and World War II continues apace. London and Berlin have been obliterated by Atom Bombs, and Northwest Europe and Eastern Russian are ravaged by the the aftermath of V-Gas - a deadly German nerve agent that kills the victim only to re-animate the corpse. As war rages, small battle groups of British, American, German and Russian troops engage in vicious combat, aided by new technology, dark magic, alien artefacts and ancient horrors. 

This is a world of Bullet Proof Vests, Powered Armour, Assault Rifles and Panzer Mech.  

This is a world of Werewolves, Vampires, Drug enhanced Super-Soldiers, Priests, Psychics and ........ Zombies. 

This the world of Secrets of the Third Reich

1949: Secrets of the Third Reich is a tabletop wargame with a Weird War Two setting.  It is supported by a specific range of 28mm figures, produced by West Wind Productions and who worked with Grindhouse Games to produce the actual ruleset

I just love the darker more dystopian vision of a World War Two that continued way beyond the real one and that it was because of supernatural and alien interference.  The armies are all fairly balanced and fun to play.  Its also great to be able to use Mecha :) There are even rules for building your own.

There are four main factions at present with Germans, British, USA and Russia all having good force options.  Some more options have been added in the expansion 'Doomsday' book.

I started collecting the Germans for the game, though i use Warlord Games minis for the infantry.  Just a personal preference that means i can use the figures for straight WW2 games as well.  I also went with the 1/48 scale historical vehicles instead of the more widely accessible 1/56 (true 28mm).  This is mostly to do with liking the bulkier size, especially for the tanks, and 28mm miniatures in metal are not true scale.  Warlords plastic World War Two infantry kits seem to be much more true scale and would probably sit nicely with the 1/56 scale.  If you compare the plastic with the metal you will notice the metal miniatures are, while not being any higher, bulkier and broader.  Once they are on a 25mm base their height also goes up a bit as well.  I may do a miniature comparison at some stage.

Well, i am really excited about getting an opportunity to be able to take part this weekend at Arkham Gaming Centre   in the Secrets of the Third Reich friendly tournament 'Zombie Shores'. I will take pictures and if i can remember I will let you all know how i get on.

SturmbannfĂĽhrer Wolfram von Eshcenbach s determined to the allied invasion back into the sea. And he is bringing his big cat 'Parzival.

2012 is getting better all the time.

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