Sunday, 8 January 2012

Woodland Scenics hit by big fire

Woodland Scenics, one of the worlds makers of high quality model scenery, was hit by a fire on 5th January, caused by a faulty exhaust motor fan.

Thankfully it seems they are back to work and none of the 150 or so employees will be affected by this disaster.

Gale Cousins Director of Sales & Customer Service of Woodland Scenics said,

As you may have heard we have experienced a fire here at Woodland Scenics and there is good news and bad news. The good news is that no one was hurt during the fire or evacuation process. The bad news is that it took out a couple of our manufacturing buildings. However, and fortunately, there is more good news than bad. We encompass multiple buildings that are spread out all over the town of Linn Creek.
We only lost two of those buildings and those two contained just a small portion of our manufacturing facilities. Our shipping department, warehouse and corporate offices were spared any damage, as were most of our manufacturing buildings, so it is business as usual. Thanks for all your concerns.  
For an example of what they do i include a fantastic video they have produced on creating a winter scene.

Killian McKeever on the Hobby Workshop group on Facebook for highlighting to me.
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