Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sad passing of one of the 'Damnatus

Tobias Reinhold, part of the team who created Damnatus, one of the first if not the first 40K fan film, has passed away.  A touching obituary was put up on the Damnatus website.

Tobias fought against Leukemia but lost his fight on the 6th January this year.  He would have been 29 in February.

It really brings it home - he is much younger than I am and it feels he still had so much more to offer.  My deepest respect and thoughts go to his family and friends.

The obituary highlights how important a role Tobias played in getting Damnatus made.  As one part says,
As the co-producer Tobias helped to organize and coordinate the shooting, and he also supported it financially - in short: he helped to make it happen. Without him, the film probably would never have been made. The many new friends that he met on the set and in the hell of DAMNATUS, remember him as a friendly manager, who took care of everyone, who always thought about the whole group, especially if the director - me - tried to push the tired crew and cast members to their limits, to get the last scene of the day done. Tobias was the good soul of the DAMNATUS team, at the end of the shooting he was totally spent, the whole project took much of his energy.
Emperor watch over you Tobias.

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