Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Project Pandora: In space no one can hear you roll ones

I am intrigued.

I really like Mantic's Dwarf King's Hold.  To me it resembles a fantasy version of a well known Hulk in Space board game, and that is no criticism of the game.  I like it.

Well, now Mantic seem to be taking that board game into space and into their Warpath universe.  The board game has an expected release date in April 2012, with a special pre release sneak peek on February 13th.

The box will contain a board game* with miniatures from the "Corporation" and "8th Race" Warpath factions.

From the preview picture the 8th Race look like Werewolves in space. Or badgers. Or very angry gerbils.

Have you played Dwarf Kings Hold? Are you looking forward to "Project Pandora"?

*This game bears no resemblance to any other boardgames where humans have to fight xenomorphs in constricted 'Hulk' like corridors, which in turn bore no resemblance to any popular films where humans have to fight xenomorphs in constricted 'terraformed world' like corridors. ;)

Wee Ivor

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