Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Month down! January 2012

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Well its been a month since I resurrected Wee Gamers.  So why?  And what are its aims?

Firstly, I decided that 2012 was going to be a gaming year for me and I wanted to reconnect with a lot of friends who I have met (and have't scared off yet!) and share.

The interweb is about sharing.  Sharing ideas, what you are doing, what you hope to do and, sometimes, have a wide circle of friends and followers who don't mind coming along for the journey.

I have been gaming for 25 years now. Hold on..... I just need a moment to cry into my bag o' dice.  

That should have felt better than it did.  Anyway, I thought it about time to really focus myself on enjoying my free time.


I decided at the start of 2012 that I would see if I could build a community.  A bit presumptuous, but I thought I would try. So, I sat down and made a list of objectives (always useful).  My objectives for the year 

  1. Rebuild it and they will come. Eventually. Maybe.
  2. I wanted rebuild Wee Gamers. But as what? And why would anybody come here?? Well seeing as I live on an island with a temperate climate with a precipitous nature I thought I would start there.  Wee Gamers, I hope, will be used to highlight that the Irish gamer is as good as any round the world.  we may seem dour and have a wicked black humour, we love gaming!

  3. Have at least one game a week.
  4. I have found gaming to have been sparse and eclectic over the past few years.  That will change. Oh, Yes! I will be keeping the blog updated with my exploits (and i have such a happy month's backlog)

  5. Try at least one new game a month.
  6. We all have our favourites that we come back to time and again. Like very familiar friends. So I decided that I should also branch out and so given myself the meager challenge to play at least one new game a month.

  7. Sell stuff to fuel the gaming habit.
  8. I have a day job.  it pays me, but not at the level of Richard Branson.  And toys are not cheap. So I will be selling stuff to give me pocket money to feed the habit.

  9. Make a game. I play other peoples games, so I must inflict the same on them.
  10. Like many over the years I have half made games that get tossed to the side, to be lost forever in game design Room 101.  Not this year!! I will make a game and have a few friends roped in as well. So watch this space and I hope to keep the blog updated on progress.  I can hear Wizards of the Coast quaking in their boots from here. Mwahahahahaha

  11. Go to Conventions.
  12. Online is fun.  Face to face is best. Not just in gaming groups but in a mad conglomeration of geek and nerd heaven where you can meet new friends, try new games and unleash the +5 wallet of buying games you will never play but look cool.

  13. Have fun on the journey.
  14. Says it all.
I am looking for people in Northern Ireland and Ireland to help out and contribute the odd article.  Thanks for dropping by.


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