Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lord/War of the Rings - No one loves us, we don't care!

Ever since Games Workshop obtained the licence to produce Lord of the Rings long time fans and fanboys of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k have been divided.  Which always saddened me a bit as I love 40k but i think the best miniatures and fantasy system is Lord of the Rings,  It has been turned into a tournament scene, but really it was a story driven system that allowed gamers to play casually, just like when i started doing this in the 1980s.  Don't get me wrong, i love tournaments as well, but they are not the be all and end all.

Well, this incoming month LOTR player haters are going to have to sit in a darkened room for a while.  February sees what looks like a complete re-launch of the system.  New miniatures and a re-jig of the rules which looks like it includes the combination of both the LOTR and WOTR rule books into one.  This re-launch begins on 4th February.

Many thanks to Heresy Online, Warseer and Dakka Dakka for doing all the hard work so i can get an easy blog post :)

So, what's coming out?
  • Lord of the Rings Rulebook,
  • Mines of Moria box set
  • The Watcher in the Water (10cm high and 18 cm long), Finecast
  • Great Beast Gorgoroth (a kind of Rhino with a lot of ugly orcs of Mordor in the hump), Finecast
  • Cataphracts box of 6 minis (plastic) and includes dead cataphracts .
  • Dragon Knight (hero of The Horse), blister Finecast
  • Militant Priest (cleric of the East Riding) Finecast
  • Amdur, Lord of the Sword (foot and horse), Finecast
  • Grôblog king of the deep, Finecast
  • Ashraka, related to spiders (a goblin shaman), Finecast
  • Raider Worg (a wolf billet with 3 riders in the hump goblin), Finecast
  • LOTR daed warriors from various races
  • Rohan Command (2 heroes, standard and musician), Finecast
  • Dwarves Command (2 heroes, standard and musician), Finecast
  • Galadhrim Elf Command (hero, magician and musician banner), Finecast
  • Commanders of Gondor (2 heroes, standard and musician), Finecast
  • Dweller in Darkness, Finecast

There will be 5 'army' books that cover ALL armies. The books will cover
  • Realms of Men (Arnor, Gondor, Rohan)
  • Forces of Mordor (Mordor, Isengard, Moria/Misty Mountains Goblins)
  • Free folk of Middle-Earth (Elves and Dwarfs )
  • Fallen Realms (Harad and Easterlings)
  • a Forgotten Kingdoms one to sums up the rest.

These Books will contain updated rules for ALL LotR Miniatures.  Sadly, for me it seems that WotR is to vanish from stores and become a specialist game (That's it killed off then).

So, February is dominated by Lord of the Rings with a lot of new or re-launched models.  Smaug is also rumoured but being tied to The Hobbit i really can't see him coming out before December.

One issue is that Games Workshop will be withdrawing all the old figure packs, reducing the numbers and re-launching.  Now overall the pack will cost less, but with fewer figures that means the per figure cost will go up.

And just to whet your appetites for the film out on 14th December

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