Tuesday, 17 January 2012

DUST Tactics goes all red with latest expansion

I play DUST Tactics every so often (I have the first edition starter set) and i have to say i kind of like it so far.  I think i need to play it a bit more to really get into it.  As with all Fantasy Flight Games stuff, production and design is of a very high quality.

It has been on the go for a a couple of years now with a good number of expansions to keep players occupied (see the pun there?) with Weird War Two.  I will do a more indepth run through at a later date.

The latest expansion has grabbed my attention.  To put it simply - the Russians are coming!
The blurb states,
The Sino-Soviet Union (SSU) is the newest playable faction in Dust Tactics! This world power has been in the middle of the global struggle for years. Now, for the first time, you have the chance build your very own SSU force and crush your enemies. With the addition of this faction, immediately supported by a five unit expansions, the global conflict in Dust Tactics grows even more intense. In addition to powerful units for the SSU, the Operation “Zverograd” campaign provides the SSU backstory along with scenarios and rules to get started.
The SSU will be released sin the second quarter 2012.  FFG are also planning that all of the SSU Dust Tactics expansions will be available at launch, so no waiting for ages for the next unit you really need.  Which is nice of them.

So as FFG say
In the second quarter of 2012, prepare to defend the motherland.
The miniatures look lovely (as usual) and very tempting.  

Do you play Dust Tactics? What do you think of the game? Are you looking forward to Dust Warfare?

Let me know what you think about the game in the comments.
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