Friday, 27 January 2012

The Corporation are going on the Warpath

Next week, Mantic will be turning its attention to The Corporation – their first human race.  In preparation for the week of full on Corporation Mantic have made a background dossier to get you in the mood.

The model range will be released in March.  A mega deal is up in the Mantic store to pre-order your Corporation army.  It is sitting at £149 for 148 models.  That's pretty much £1 per model - fantastic value. 

Not only that but i have to admit i am excited about the models.  They look gorgeous.

The Corporation are well trained and equipped with the best in military technology, Corporation Troopers are worth scores of the warriors of less advanced cultures, leaving them free to mercilessly mow down scores of the enemy with pulses from their laser weaponry. Number of Miniatures: 148 Product Type: Plastic Resin Miniatures Unit Type: Army Set This Set Includes: 1 x FREE Warpath Rules 1 x FREE Metal Corporation Major-General with Energy Fist and Energy Sword options 60 x Corporation Marines Includes Energy Fists and Special Weapons 9 x two-man Heavy Weapon Squad with Heavy Laser and Autocannon variants 30 x Corporation Veterans - 24 Veterans with Special Weapons and 6 x two-man Heavy Weapon Team 40 x Corporation Rangers includes drop-packs and special weapons Round Plastic Bases Mantic Points
I like the Squa.....Forge Fathers and the Orx, but the Corporation is very exciting indeed.  I can see them  not only being used for Warpath but also for Tomorrows War from Osprey and Ambush Alley games.

March seems such a long way away. :(

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