Friday, 27 January 2012

Blood Bowl ... on the go!

I recently found my old Orc Blood Bowl team and I am thinking about getting a game soon.  Then those lads over at Beasts of War had an article that really caught my eye!!

Comixininos have produced a Magnetic mini Fantasy Football board game perfect for your pocket as its 10” long x 10” wide. The board can be closed over to be 10"x 5".  

When closed it can contain everything that comes with it.  

The game includes 42 magnetic Teams with a double of each team (so that's 21 distinct teams).  Each team contains 13 players (546 players), so there will spare players in case any get a bit, er, lost. 

Magnetic board game 
42 Magnetic Teams (546 players) 
2 Mini Range Rulers 
4 six-sided Dice (7mm x 7mm): 2 red and 2 blue
8 Magnetic Re-roll and Turn Counters 
3 pieces of yellow pressure-sensitive adhesive to make up to 15 footballs.

The black block dice (normal block dice size) in the picture are NOT INCLUDED, but give you a sense of the size of the other components. 

At 25 Euro (about £20) i think i may buy one.

There is a really good review on BoardGameGeek


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